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The first training session is free and after that it is either £10 per session or £30 per month, if you become a member. Membership is £30 per year and gives full insurance, access to Study Groups, forum areas, etc.

At the start there isn't any need for equipment as anything required will be loaned, but later you will need to invest in your own equipment.

The training itself covers the teachings of Fiore dei Liberi (c 1400). The whole system covers:

- Unarmed
- Unarmed v Dagger
- Dagger v Dagger
- Dagger v Sword
- Sword used one-handed
- Sword used two-handed
- Half Swording
- Pole Arms, Spears, etc.

The entire system is integrated - so, for example, unarmed techniques work within the sword techniques.

Training is also available in various locations (please click here), but needs to be arranged directly with us and is not open-door.

We are a fully inclusive Martial Arts School and do not discriminate against age, gender, ethnicity, etc. We adhere to a Code of Conduct, Equal Oportunities Policies, Child Protection Policies, Risk Assessment guidlines, etc.

Occasionally instructors might not be present – for example when teaching abroad – so it is always best to contact us before turning up for your first session.

Contact us at secretary@the-exiles.org.uk